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Tuesday 6-8th GRADE Youth group: 6:45PM -8:45PM –

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    Meet your CREW Leaders!: Nate, Tommy, Sydney, Ela, Jeramy, James


9/4/2018 Gen 2:18-25 Image of God – Community
9/11/2018 Gen 2:9, 15-17 The Last Clear Choice
9/18/2018 Bob Warnock Gen 3:1-13 The Cover Up
9/25/2018 Bob Warnock Gen 3:8-24 The Cost of Knowing
10/2/2018 Gen 4:1-26 (Chapter 5 Review) A Small Problem
10/9/2018 Gen 6:1-8 A Not So Small Problem
10/16/2018 Gen 6:9 – 8:19 The Flood – A Fresh Start
10/23/2018 Gen 3:15, 8:20 – 9:17 God’s Promises
10/30/2018  Find WALDO Scavenger Hunt
11/6/2018 Gen 12:1-9 A Man Called Out
11/13/2018  FRIENDS Giving Meal
11/20/2018  NO CREW
11/27/2018  FLOAT Decorating! Gen 14:17-24 Mystery Priest
12/4/2018 Gen 15:1-21 God’s Covenant
12/18/2018  Christmas Exchange!

12/24 – 1/6 OFF



GOD’S CREATION – Genesis 1:1-15


  • How does God as Creator influence the way we understand who He is, who we are, and why we obey Him?
  • How does the truth that God created all things from nothing increase your confidence and trust in Him?
  • Where in your life do you wish God would work faster?
  • What are some processes God often uses in our lives to mold and shape us to look more like Jesus?
  • What stands out to you in these verses? Are there any patterns?
  • What ideas come to your mind when you think of God’s greatness? Do these ideas make you confident or fearful? Why?
  • What does “good” mean? Why did God call each step of His creation good?
  • Where has God gifted you? What might it mean for you to use your talents for God’s mission?
  • Why is belief in creation important? What are the implications if God didn’t create?In DefenseRead other ancient creation accounts and you won’t find anything like the Bible’s. In other accounts, the universe comes from something. One of the gods gives birth to the physical universe, or the world results as an accidental product of some cosmic battle. In one myth, the human race arises from the blood of one of the slain gods. In another, we are created from the remains of a dead sea monster. Most of the time, the human race appears to be an accident formed by larger divine forces that did not care about our creation or our destiny. Yet, in Genesis, everything started with one God who alone created everything out of nothing. He created with intentionality and ease. He took counsel from no one, not even the angels, who He also created. It all came from Him, and He made it out of nothing.

MAIN POINT: God created all things good.

Christ Connection The apostle John opened up his story of Jesus’ life by connecting Him to the creation story: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. … All things were created through him, and apart from him not one thing was created that has been created. In him was life, and that life was the light of men” (John 1:1,3-4). Where our lives have been destroyed by sin, Jesus Christ—the Word, the Creator—makes all things new. Your life may be the picture of chaos, but if Jesus can create everything out of nothing, He can surely re-create everything in you.

Essential Doctrine: Creation out of Nothing | The Bible teaches that God created the universe—all things visible and invisible—out of nothing. This is sometimes expressed in the Latin phrase creation ex nihilo. Nothing except God Himself existed before He created everything. God alone is eternal; every created thing has a beginning. Therefore, the eternal God rules over all of His creation and He alone is worthy of worship. Denial of this doctrine has implications for God’s sovereignty over and providence in creation. Because God created out of nothing, creation has meaning and purpose and points us to

General Schedule

Tuesday Youth Group: 6:45PM-8:45 PM – Meet at the Top of the Hill

Sunday – 9:00 AM CREW

JH Sunday CREW meets together to worship, fellowship and gain a better understanding of the Bible. We meet in Green 1 and use the Lifeway curriculum called the Gospel Project. Information on weekly study is updated on our CREW web page to allow our students to deepen their study time and engage with family devotion. Application of weekly study is geared toward the Junior High student who attend public, private or homeschool.

Sunday – 10:45 AM CREW Options

We encourage JH students to elect to serve in Children’s Education (CE) by assisting in Praise Place, being a JH classroom assistant leader, or by attending the main service in the sanctuary with family. All youth who are in 7th grade and older can volunteer to serve in Sunday School, VBS, or Praise Place Productions. These youth will learn leadership skills, provide Christian examples to younger children while serving the Lord. (This is called – Jr. Leadership Ministry and I have them fill out an application with a parent signature) Download Jr. Leadership Qualifications (pdf) Download Jr. Leadership Application (pdf)

What to expect?

The goal of worshiping together as a JH group allows for engagement in the Word and gaining a deeper understanding based on the developmental needs of the Junior High student. In addition, the relationships of trust between peers and leaders are strengthened in worship, community and mission by weekly attendance.

At West Hills Community Church, the Junior High program is referred to as CREW. We are a ministry for middle school students and desire our youth group to reach and teach students about God and the message of Jesus in the Bible. Our leaders understand that this happens through learning the Word of God and building mentor relationships with each student. Students can expect to gain a better  understanding of scripture and begin to develop a biblical worldview while also gaining an opportunity for building relationships with the church.  Our weekly meetings end with a plenty of time to thrill the game seekers and those who want to build new friendships while sharing the evening treats.

By learning God’s word through our weekly message and small groups with our leaders, we are watching many students from Britton, Charter, St. Mary’s, and other various Christian, public and homeschool groups learn about Jesus and desire a relationship with Christ.

Invite a friend and come join us at one of our fun outreach events and games during our midweek CREW meeting. All are welcome to join us at 6:45 pm each Tuesday evening.

Got Questions? Email or Call Leslie Carmichael at 408-210-2813 or lcarmichael@westhills.org

CREW News & Updates

January Updates: Welcome 2019

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CREW Student Ambassador Role

Student Special Invite for Leadership!  CREW Ambassador: Renewal Applications in January The purpose of our youth group is to help students love God and know God. This happens most completely through meeting Him in His Word. The knowledge of God and His desire for us... read more

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January 8, 2019 We’re Baaaa-ck! We’ve missed you! Many of our MH students went back to the routine today and some Gilroy peeps had this as the last day of break. Either way, your CREW leaders are looking forward to seeing everyone. As always, friends are... read more

Sunday CREW Dec. Teaching – 9AM

Sunday CREW December Teaching: 12/16: Teaching with Mr. Scott Bursese: In this session, we wrap up Joseph’s story and the Book of Genesis and see how God’s plan all along was to redeem His people through Jacob’s favored son. Joseph was about to make sense of the... read more

December CREW Dates to Know

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